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 Welcome to my world
A camera lens view of the world around us.
I promise your visit will be unforgettable.
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As you may have gathered by now, my hobby and passion is nature 
photography, animals wild and not so wild, and insects. (I know "YUCK!"
but we're talking Butterflies here too.) I am an award winning, published
amateur photographer and have taken thousands of pictures. A good
part of them have been taken in various theme parks the rest have been
taken on canoe trips and hiking and biking through the wilderness areas
around the US. I would like to thank all the people who work for the national,
state, county, and city parks departments. It's because of all their hard
work that I have been able to get so many wonderful nature shots.

I also have a Sunday e-zine  that I send new photos, old photos, and recent
adventures. I started it years ago with 5 friends and it has grown
to over 100 friends all over the world. Here are the last four sends.
Check them out.
Anphog's Adventures 
Anphog's Adventures 2
Anphog's Adventures 3
Anphog's Adventures 4
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